Cypress Hill : DJ Muggs vend sa collection personnelle de vinyles et disques
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B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs du groupe Cypress Hill
B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs du groupe Cypress Hill ©Getty

Cypress Hill : DJ Muggs vend sa collection personnelle de vinyles et disques

Des milliers de disques de la collection du producteur de Cypress Hill et de Soul Assassins vont être mis en vente...

Tenez-vous prêts car DJ Muggs, le producteur et fondateur de Cypress Hill, est sur le point de vendre sa vaste collection de disques. 30 ans d'histoire du hip hop de la côte ouest ! 

Une collection si grande que Rappcats compte organiser 3 événements au cours de l'année 2020. Le premier se déroulera le 9 et 10 novembre. Le magasin situé à Los Angeles proposera également divers affiches, notes et dépliants sur les concerts de Muggs... De nombreuses pièces qui seront aussi destinées à des archives universitaires. De véritables sources d'inspirations mais surtout des perles rares discographiques...

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Sat. Nov. 9 & Sun. Nov. 10, 12-6PM each day. Rappcats, 5636 York Blvd, Los Angeles CA Thousands of records from the collection of the Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins producer. Holy grails and classics. All genres. Posters and paper goods. The inaugural event of what will be a three part series. Muggs will be in attendance on Saturday. Rappcats will transform into a gallery showcasing over 30 years of West Coast hip hop history. DJ MUGGS RECORD COLLECTION, assembled from his earliest days in LA and through his world travels with Cypress Hill, is a landmark offering at Rappcats, While we are not selling the entirety of Muggs collection – many pieces are destined for a university archive – we are offering quite a lot of it. From common records – all genres – that Muggs considered as sample sources, his DJ records, and the occasional holy grail, such as Phil Ranelin’s Spiritual Jazz masterpiece “Vibes From The Tribe,” annotated by Muggs on the label as to his preferred track to sample, Muggs collection offers something for any collector. Scroll down for images. The collection is so vast that we plan on doing at least three events over the coming year. This is the first. We will also offer select posters and ephemera from the 90s until the present day and out of print vinyl rarities on Muggs’ Soul Assassins label. Rappcats’ space will be transformed into a gallery to display West Coast producer’s collected goods – from the flyers handed out at the early gigs he promoted, to the records he marked and used in his club dates and DMC DJ battles, to his notes and his schedules, to his machines and to the music he used to create his landmark albums, and the stages within. This will color the milieu in which he and his compatriots existed, offering private snapshots that document a culture that, though now wildly influential, has beginnings that are just barely understood.

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D'ici là, sache que Cypress Hill entre un peu plus dans la légende car B Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs et Eric Bobo recevront leur étoile sur le célèbre Hollywood Walk of Fame et deviendront le premier groupe hip hop latino de l'histoire à décrocher cette étoile. La cérémonie d'intronisation ouverte au public aura lieu le 18 avril 2020 en face du restaurant Greenleaf sur le Hollywood Boulevard.