Lil Wayne ft. HoodyBaby - "Bye Bae"
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Lil Wayne ft. HoodyBaby - "Bye Bae"

Le son de la night du 28 août 20183 minutes
Le GOAT n'a pas fini d'envoyer du lourd...

En ce mardi 28 juin, le son la night c'est le nouveau titre de Lil Wayne ft. HoddyBaby - Bye Bae.

Chickens in the trunk, I'm on the highway
My passenger is on parole and he can't violate
We watchin' out for all these snitches with that spygate
And all these thirsty bitches, I let 'em dehydrate
Yes Lord
Wifey callin' me, I answer, "Hi bae"
I said, "I'm joogin right now," she said, "Ok, I'll pray"
I said, "I'll be back soon, and call my goons if I'm late"
"I love you"
"I love you too"
"Okay, bye bae"