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Les Cautionneurs Samedi 02 août 2014

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Les Cautionneurs
Les deux membres de la Caution vous concoctent une playlist de deux heures de bon gros son.


La playlist de l'émission

Young L > My Grill

KGZA > Ooo Ahh Ooo

Que & Mike Fresh > By The Way

Sir Michael Rocks > Francois

Apathy > The Grand Leveler

The Game > Bigger Than Me

Cartie > Where you From

KGZA feat B. Foster and Mike Street > Thumb In The Butt

Young L > Dun Dit It

Sir Michael Rocks > Intro

Slade Da Monsta > Over and Over

Cartie > Yellow Line

Biggz > Biggest Concern

Main Flow > Gravity Escapes Me

Malik Yusef > Tonight

Shanell > Dwoods Call It Quits

Last Japan feat Emma D > Eclipse

John Hart > Right Now

Shanell > Ready

Rocky G > Make Sure

Issa Gold > Musical Chairs

Main Flow > Lost In The Rapture

Malik Yusef > Sticks & Stones

KGZA > Dream Cast

Che Merk > Good Girl

Biggz > Extras

Zilla > Oh Lord

Dave East > Fuck You Think

Cormega feat Maya Azucena > Rise

Le$ > The Hustle

Bad Nuze > Live An Die N Kali

GLC > Gone

Chris Echols > She Just Want Them Bandz

Beauvallis feat Kelly Rowland > Love Stand Still

Lil Keke > Come Here Daddy



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