Glitch Ep 6 Russie Face A

Glitch Samedi 06 octobre 2012

Glitch s'immerge en deux émissions dans les scènes éléctroniques indépendantes russes, en écho à la journée internationale de soutien aux Pussy Riot lundi dernier. Retrouvez dès maintenant Glitch Face A et la semaine prochaine, la face B.

Vous retrouverez sur les pages Face A et B, des interviews de ceux qui font cette scène, musiciens et labels...  


  • Tim Ballista, Meat pie Flux (illphabetik, 2011)
  • Timasтый, Старое, доброе, грязное, Однодневка EP (MNMN,2012)
  • S1ck, Bleeding eyes Podcast#31 (Sub-line 2010)
  • Fizzarum, Ruby, Deep lake (Drugaya Kultura Product, 2004)
  • MushroomWavved collar, Signals Music sucks when you are sober (MNMN, 2012)
  • Broken noise, Rain Deactivation of servise processor (MNMN, 2012)
  • Wols, Bathyscaphe finds a music box Compilation Fly russia (Error broadcast, 2010)
  • Cream child, Kids, 4/20 tape (Big echo 2012)
  • Exilis, Dead ice cream vendors, Most insane trip, ever! (Rus zud, 2012)
  • Rivak, Sweet glamorous shit, Demo tracks (Rus zud, 2011)
  • Gnomcorps, Biviss libido, Va compilation (Rus zud, 2009)
  • Gromov, Poff poff poff, Russian breakcore maffia (Allergy records,2009)
  • Abjective, Outro, Not for Everyone (Echomania, 2012)
  • Razxca, Kvcro2, Split Jjoth/Rzxca (Unrealeased, 2012)
  • Satan, Inquisition, Va compilation (Rus zud, 2007)


Razxca (à droite) and Forhazis at fest BLOODNOK 2010


Mikhail Gusenkov est un musicien électronique russe qui vit entre Moscou et Pervushino, une bourgade isolée au charme nordique et quelque peu dépressive selon ses dires. Située à 125km de la capitale, elle lui inspire la plupart de ses sons et de ses pochettes. Son projet, sous le nom de Razxca est né en 1997. Mikhail développe une approche expérimentale de la musique, entre noise, poésie sonore et field recordings. Il puise des sons dans son environnement au moyen d'enregistreurs rudimentaires, qui lui font dire que la seule et unique présence qui hante en permanence ses bandes, c'est le vent! Très prolifique, avec plus d'une soixantaine de productions, Razxca collabore régulièrement avec d'autres musiciens de la scène électronique (le musicien noise Hockobcovelc, l'Ukrainien Jjoth, ses compatriotes Schwargleis ou encore Tim Ballista...).

                                                                  TRACK Razxca / More wept


Razxca livre son point de vue sur la notion d'un son électronique russe:

« Well, first things, wich associated with "russian sound", are: Evelina Petrova, Сергей Старостин, Кирилл М. (My Failure), and some other artists... Art of all theses persons aren't electronic. All electronic ware russian artists, include self-made electronic (noisebox etc) like :vtoll: (russian musician who build his owns instruments, bending some others) are in global process, so, it's difficult to create something "russian". If you use amenbreaks, cool new stuff and oriented on vogue western beatmakers, for example. or looks for hnw (harsh noise wall), it's also western and nordic stream, not ours.

Yes, we can identificate japan "fast" breakcore style, or specific dutch hardcore school, or french. in this way i can't identificate russian core or step, may be i don't know enough russian groups and tracks. All i know that russian pop, also indie music (!) are very similar to their foreign analogue. I think that global market work like itunes. Everybody from anyplace can sell their soft (hard) to everybody. sample biblioteks contain all music history. Your production will be multicultural anyway, whant you this or not.

Also if you use acoustic instruments, you need to play in some concrete way, so you'll play pop or rock, or jazz, or traditional folk. If you make it bad it'll be outsider stuff; if you'll do it a ot and importunately, it'll came as a new genre, for example. may be. The most exact term wich present modern music situation are Umberto Eco's term "authentic fake"; it's correctly considered pseudo and truly music stuff, to my mind. in russia or anywhere, where global influence exist. Where it not - may be we can find truly authentic stuff. Eco was not open their position about authentic fakes deep, but similar stuff was developed by Jean Baudrillard, my favorite scientist. He uses another therminology, more hard, but it's higly recommended stuff ».

« It was a great time, when i have no internet and don't be in music shops with rare music (before 2002). So, here two records before: 1 / 2. In that time i don't know about classic noises and avantgards, and think that i do something new. Later i hear some classic records like from sub rosa, blue note, mille plateaux, raster-noton, msbr etc. Unfortunaly if you listen new interesting sound it's authomaticly change your hearing and sounding, your thinking. And after you think like you do shit before, and you needs all cool hardwares which have that cool guys. I don't go this way (: but i was hard influenced by classic harsh and minimalistic experimental music, so, it's no way to back to authentic stuff, it can't be realisated because of hearing and sounding psychology. But, i have a course in my sounds today, its a tape sound, higly low-fied, sometimes it's screw and get some vibes without rhythms. Also, "abstract noise" is a new tag for me, but lastfm users do. Also i can talk a lot about ecology oriented and cheapstyle living, but it's another topic :)».

                                                             TRACK Razxca / The way it is


Vous pouvez écouter et télécharger gratuitement la plupart des productions de Razxca  ici.