Glitch Ep 30 Un carnaval total normal

Glitch Samedi 23 mars 2013


Anklepants Your host is you preset (Live @Samheads 2o12)

Dino Felipe A trivalette Ampathétique (Darling Dada 2o13)

Total normal Junior Barnes Tales of expected (Momental records 2o12)

Monster Zoku Onsomb! Eat brain Attack! (Rats milk rec 2oo6)

Debmaster Le cheval africain Crevin (Da! heard it records 2o13)

Starpilot The heavy phase Energies II (Sociopath recordings 2o13)

Rubber Muffin JC Fluff Duckcore (D-trash records 2o12)

Anklepants/Lé bear Krug I took candy from a baby (2o1o)

Rubber Muffin Rubber Muffin by Rubber Muffin off th album Rubber Muffin Super shifty dance junk (Sociopath recordings 2o12)

Dino Felipe Introduction Ampathétique (Darling Dada 2o13)

Monster Zoku Onsomb! Tequila Monster zoku Onsomb! (Self released 2oo4)

Scarlatti goes electro Duetto buffo di due gatti Ecercizi Primo (2o12)

Nam shub Beyond the chasm of k-holes Phree (Cock rock disco 2o11)

Tribal mazoot La créature divine Psythératops (2o13)

Scarlatti goes electro K.159 third part, Allegro Ecercizi Primo (2o12)

Klabberjass I'm a bag of shit VA Break me more or die (Turn it off records 2o13)

Sonic area Eureka VA JFX BITS 5 (Jarring effects 2o12)


Glitch recommande l'univers d'Anklepants aka Reecard Farché...

Anklepants Photo Torsten solin

Glitch recommande également le nouvel album de  Dino Felipe Ampithetique sorti sur le label Darling Dada! Et en téléchargement libre ! 


et aussi le génial duo baroqueux Scarlatti goes electro



Pour finir, allez donc vous frotter au breakcore made in Canada de Rubber Muffin ... La plupart de ses albums sont en téléchargement libre !


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