Glitch ep 29 L'opération " ͕͈͍̞͚̣̖̹̮̞͈̺̣̗̥̳͙̥͕͈͍̞͚̣̖̹̮̞͈̺̣̗̥̳͙̥ͤ̃ͮ̇͋̉̏ͧͤ̃ͮ̇͋̉̏ͧ└∫ʭR˘ ̌̍̎̏̐̑ ₰җ "

Glitch Samedi 16 mars 2013


Flint kids Day nil Day nil (Abstrakt reflections 2o13)

Skuge J'arrive VA Chill leodium (Puzzling records 2o13)

Akwalek I could be dancing but i prefer to die VA Shift compilation (Weird & wired 2o1o)

M.E.R.S Wooden tooth (Unreleased 2o12)

Balkansky Sons of the flame Orenda (Kuker music 2o12)

Displacer Moonrise Foundation (Hymen records 2o12)

Apathy Santogold freestyle VA It's the bootleg mothafucker / Fire walk with me (Dirty version records 2o12)

Prince video Pox bench VA (Square roots 2oo6)

Captain raveman Bus mi Quick' n' dirty (Sociopath recordings 2o13)

Labmig Welcome to the social network of superficiality Beautiful people (Braincore recordings 2o13)

Ocoeur 88 VA Solum2 Our time (Solanic 2o13)

Otiste reading The scar (Unreleased 2o12)

Randomatik blast RequiescatinPace VA Tybercycle (The studio stereo 2o12)



Glitch recommande Orenda le nouvel album de la formation bulgare Balkansky 

Glitch recommande également Beautiful people de Labmig en téléchargement libre sur sur Braincore recordings

Glitch recommande Chill léodium, une compilation 1oo% liégoise du label Puzzling records en téléchargement libre  


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