Glitch Ep 16 Des mouettes...

Glitch Samedi 15 décembre 2012


Mr Kindhoover, Intro, Vacances à la plage (Darling dada 2011)

Why?, Jonathan's hope, Mumps etc... (Anticon 2012)

John Maus, The fear, A collection of rarities and previously unreleased material (Ribbon music 2012)

Bobby Wommack, Jubilee, The bravest man of the universe (XL recordings 2012)

Marc de Blanchard, Serenade, Serenade (Da heard it records 2012)

Secret chiefs 3, Radar, Saptarshi/ radar (Auto release 2011)

Mr Kindhoover, Requiem pour une mouette, Vacances à la plage (Darling dada 2011)

Batfinks, Wiating for the cold, And the february Hiss (Proot records 2012)

Le leprechaune, Ghetto plastic, Kitsch adventures, (Darling dada 2011)

Eat rabbit, Circular, Party ruiners Vol. 4 (Egotwister 2012)

CDR, Hardcore biyori, Red randsel (Amenorea 2008)

Tep, No mémé, Humble (Proot records 2008)

Melodik Pinpon, Tu n'y vois rien, (2007)

Anne Laplantine, Bidouwap, Party ruiners vol. 3 (Ego twister 2011)

Clark Nova, Quantumcosmologie, 0.1 (Darling dada 2012)

Anne Laplantine, Odébu, Les couloirs du temps (Ego twister 2010)

Sinead O Connick Jr, Triple Six, 0.1 (Darling dada 2012)

The end, kakke ekko, Capitalism took away my childhood and now i'm really mad (Binkcrsh 2003)

Substance B, Dora ua collège foufoufou, Agonistes Beta -2 (Pavillon 36 recordings 2009)

Sickboy, The riddler, Musical therapy ( 2007)


Glitch vous conseille, outre de vous plonger dans les net labels Darling dada et Proot records, de telecharger librement Les vacances à la plage de Mr Kindhoover !!!!


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