#21 - Far Beyond Metal

Le Métal Vendredi 30 mai 2014

#21 - Far Beyond Metal
Hardcore, Metal, Punk : la tradition du dimanche. Des cris, des cris et encore des cris. Au programme aujourd'hui : Bodycount, Burning Skies, Propagandhi, Today Is The Day, Fake Off, Toxic Holocaust, Nausea, Behemoth, Trap Them, Loudblast, Left In Ruins, Pantera, etc

1. Burning Skies – Shitfarmer

Split w/ War From A Harlots Mouth, 2010

Bristol, Angleterre


2. Burning Skies – Abuse To Confuse

Greed. Filth. Abuse. Corruption, 2008 (Lifeforce Records)

Bristol, Angleterre

3. Body Count – Talk Shit, Get Shot

Manslaughter, 2014 (Sumerian Records)

Los Angeles, Californie


5. Trap Them – Salted Crypts [couper 15 premières secondes]

Blissfucker, 2014 (Prosthetic Records)

Salem, New Hampshire, Seattle, Washington, USA


6. Behemoth – Amen

The Satanist, 2014 (Nuclear Blast)

Gdansk, Pologne


7. Propagandhi – Status Update

Failed States, 2012 (Epitaph Records)

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 


8. Propagandhi – Nailing Descartes To The Wall/(Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder

Less Talk, More Rock, 1996 (Fat Wreck Chords)

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 

9. Complete Failure – Head Hanger To Be

The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault, 2012, autoproduit

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie


10. Moker – As I Stalk My Prey

Total Domination, 2009 (Rotten To The Core / Shiver Records)

Anvers, Belgique

11. Regurgitate – Abducens Eminence

Sickening Bliss, 2006 (Relapse Records)

Stockholm, Siède


12. Loudblast – Darkness Will Abide

Burial Ground, 2014 (Listenable Records)

Lille, France

13. Fake Off – Old Dried Oceans

Climatic Accidents, Landscape​-​Making, 2014 (Don’t Trust The Hype Recordz)

Lille, France


14. Vermin Womb - Bitterness

Permanence, 2014 (Throatruiner Records / autoproduit)

Denver, Colorado


15. Nausea – Fuck The World

Condemned To The System, 2014 (Willowtip Records)

Los Angeles, Californie


16. Today Is The Day – Deathcurse

Pain Is A Warning, 2011 (Black Market Activities)

Nashville, Tennessee

17. Pantera – Strength Beyond Strength

Far Beyond Driven, 1994 (Warner)

Arlington, Texas


18. Left In Ruins – Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane cover)

Ghost, 2013 (Ruins Records / Per Koro Records / Epidemic Records)

Trento, Italie


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