#19 - Abominations and filth

Le Métal Dimanche 18 mai 2014

#19 - Abominations and filth
Hardcore, Metal, Punk : la tradition du dimanche. Des cris, des cris et encore des cris.


1. Cyanic – Endless Scorn

Litanies Of Lust Unholy (2012, Ghastly Music) 

San Jose, Californie

2. Dephosphorus – Vicious Infinite Regress

Ravenous Solemnity, 2014 (7 Degrees Records, Handshake Inc.)

Athènes, Grèce


3. Warfuck – Douleur & Vices

Neantification, 2013 (Trendkill Recs, Every Day Hate Recs, Hecatombe Recs, Grindpromotion,Crustatombe, Dingleberry Recs, Grindfather Production, No Way Asso, Witch Bukkake Recs, Wooaaargh, Booze Me Up Recs, EBC Distro/Prod, Eardrum Terrorism, Underground Pollution, L'è Tütt Folklor Recs, Junky Monkey)

Lyon, France

4. Soilent Green – In The Same Breath

Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction, 2008 (Metal Blade Records) 

Chalmette/Metairie, Louisiana


5. Axis - Eradicate

Split w/Self Defense Family : Least Violent Time In Human History, 2013 (Harm Reduction Records)


6. Dopethrone – Hooked

III, 2012 (autoproduit)

Montréal, Québec


7. Strife – Torn Apart

Witness A Rebirth, 2012 (6131 Records) 

Thousand Oaks, Californie

8. The Howling Wind – Abominations and Filth

Of Babalon, 2012 (Profound Lore Records)

Portland / Brooklyn, USA


9. At The Gates – Suicide Nation

Slaughter Of The Soul, 1995 (Earache Records) 

Göteborg, Suède


10. Soul Swallower - Ejaculation

Devoured, 2011 (Painkiller Records) 

Boston, Massachussets


11. Selenites – Ich Hasse

Animaltar, 2012 (Ruin Your Fun Records)

Toulouse, France


12. The Casualties – Riot

For The Punx, 1997 (Tribal War Records) 

New York City


13. Deep In Hate – The Divide

Chronicles Of Oblivion, 2014 (Kaotoxin Records)

Paris, France


14. Goatwhore – Apocalyptic Havoc

Carving Out The Eyes Of God, 2009 (Metal Blade Records)

La Nouvelle-Orléans, Louisiane


15. Snapcase – Zombie Prescription

Progression Through Unlearning, 1997 (Victory Records) 

Buffalo, New York


16. Slaughtbbath – Dethroned Burnt and Spat Upon

Hail To Fire, 2013 (Proselytism Records) 

San Vincente de Tagua Tagua, Chili


17. Dakhma - Rot

s/t, 2014 (autoproduit)

Grand Rapids, Michigan


18. Ministry – What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover)

Cover Up, 2008 (13th Planet Records) 

Chicago, Illinois


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