#18 - Get The Shot en session

Le Métal Vendredi 09 mai 2014

#18 - Get The Shot en session
Hardcore, Metal, Punk : la tradition du dimanche. Des cris, des cris et encore des cris. Au programme aujourd'hui : Get The Shot en session, Magrudergrind, Dopefight, Woe, Stigma, Anaal Nathrakh, etc...

1. Magrudergrind – Assimilated Pollutants

Magrudergrind, 2009 (Willowtip Records)

2. Get The Shot – Rotting Idols

Le Metal session


3. Get The Shot – Breathing Fire

Le Metal session


4. Get The Shot – Erase The Scum

Le Metal session


5. Get The Shot – Lynch The Lord

Le Metal session


6. Get The Shot – Atlas

Le Metal session


7. Get The Shot – Prometheus

Le Metal session


8. Get The Shot – Cold Hearted

Le Metal session


9. Get The Shot – Hostile

No Peace In Hell, 2014 (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Quebec City Hardcore, Québec


10. Anaal Nathrakh – I Am The Wrath Of Gods And The Desolation Of The Earth

In The Constellation Of The Black Widow, 2009 (Candlelight Records)

Birmingham, Angleterre


11. Stigma – Sons Of Midnight 

When Midnight Strikes, 2008 (Pivotal Rockordings)


12. Dopefight – Baby Goat Sick

Buds, 2010 (autoproduit)

Brighton, Angleterre


13. Woe - Carried By Waves To Remorseless Shores Of The Truth

Withdrawal, 2013 (Candlelight Records)

Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie 


14. Zombie Apocalypse – Welcome To The Jungle

Bring You To Your Knees - A Tribute To Guns N' Roses, 2004 (Law Of Inertia Records)

New York City


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