#17 - Search And Destroy

Le Métal Dimanche 04 mai 2014

#17 - Search And Destroy
Hardcore, Metal, Punk : la tradition du dimanche soir. Des cris, des cris et encore des cris. Au programme aujourd'hui : Young And In The Way, Tombs, Absvurdist, le nouveau Slayer, Book Of Black Eearth, Nesseria, Criminal Instinct, Murder Construct, War From A Harlots Mouth, Social Distortion, Insain, Direwolves, Kyus, etc...

1. Absvrdist – Amongst Humans

Illusory, 2012 (autoproduit)

San Antonio, Texas

2. Youg And In The Way – Be My Blood

When Life Comes To Death, 2014 (Deathwish Records)

Charlotte, Caroline du Nord


3. Lamb Of God – Desolation

Resolution, 2012 (Roadrunner Records)

Richmond, Virginie

4. Book Of Black Earth – Road Dogs From Hell

The Cold Testament, 2011 (Inimical Records)

Seattle, Washington


5. Criminal Instinct – Reason To Hate

Fever, 2014 (Solid Bond Records)

Atlanta, Géorgie

6. War from a Harlots Mouth - If You Want To Blame Us For Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song!

Transmetropolitan, 2007 (Lifeforce Records)

Berlin, Allemagne


7. War from a Harlots Mouth - How To Disconnect From Your Social Surrounding In Half An Hour

Transmetropolitan, 2007 (Lifeforce Records)

Berlin, Allemagne

8. Slayer – Implode


Huntington Park, Californie


9. Insain – Apex

Enlightening The Unknown, 2014 (Kaotoxin Records)

Pairs, France

10. Kyuss – Thumb

Blues For The Red Sun, 1992 (Dali Records)

Palm Desert, Californie

11. Murder Construct – Red All Over

Results, 2012 (Relapse Records)

Los Angeles, Californie


12. Kids Like Us – Lars Is A Fascist

The 80’s Are Dead, 2005 (Eulogy Recordings)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

13. Direwolves – Sighs And Whisper

Aegri Somnia, 2014 (Throatruiner Records)

Lorient, France


14. Decapitated – Pest

Carnival Is Forever, 2011 (Nuclear Blast)

Krosno, Pologne

15. Nesseria – 1789

Split w/ CTTTOAFF, 2011 (Throatruiner Records)

Orléans, France

16. Nesseria – Pyramide

Nesseria, 2010 (Trendkill Recordings)

Orléans, France

17. Tombs – Edge Of Darkness

Savage Gold, 2014 (Relapse Records)

Brooklyn, New York


18. Absvrdist – Exposure

Illusory, 2012 (autoproduit)

San Antonio, Texas

19. Social Distortion – Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones cover)

White Light White Heat White Trash, 1996 (Epic Records)

Fullerton, Californie


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