#11 - Headbang or Die

Le Métal Vendredi 21 mars 2014

#11 - Headbang or Die
Hardcore, Metal, Punk : la tradition du dimanche. Des cris, des cris et encore des cris. Au programme : The Brutal Deceiver, Conan, Desaster, La Dispute, Skeletonwitch, NOFX, Plebeian Grandstand,Tool, Black Code, Drawers, Brutal Truth, The Geeks, etc...


1. Desaster – The Splendour Of The Idols

The Arts Of Destruction, 2012 (Metal Blade Records)

Coblence, Allemagne

2. Black Code – Death Patrol

Hanged, Drawn and Quartered, 2012 (Tanker Records)

Besançon, France

3. Conan - Foehammer

Blood Eagle, 2014 (Napalm Records)

Liverpool, Angleterre


4. La Dispute – See You In Vancouver

Vancouver EP, 2006 (Friction Records)

Grand Rapids, Michigan


5. Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed

Serpents Unleashed, 2014 (Prosthetic Records)

Athens, Ohio

6. NOFX – Beer Bong

Liberal Animation, 1988 (autoproduit / Epitaph Records réédition 1992)

San Francisco, Californie


7. Shai Hulud – Linoleum

A Profound Hatred of Man EP, 2006 (Revelation Records)

Pompano Beach, Floride

8. Plebeian Grandstand – Flail In The Bliss

Lowgazers, 2014 (Throatruiner Records, Lost Pilgrims Records, Basement Apes Industries) 

Toulouse, France


9. Brutal Truth – Walking Corpse

Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, 1992 (Earache Records)

New York City


10. Drawers – It’s All About Love

Drawers, 2014 (Kaotoxin Records)

Toulouse, France

11. Tool – Hooker With A Penis

Ænima, 1996 (Zoo Entertainment) 

Los Angeles, Californie


12. Magnum Force – Boxed In

Split with AcxDC and Sex Prisoner, 2013 (To Live A Lie Records)



13. Sex Prisoner – I’m Proud Of You

Split with AcxDC and Sex Prisoner, 2013 (To Live A Lie Records)

Tucson, Arizona


14. Euglena – Дно

Split w/ General Lee, 2014 (Basement Apes Industries)

Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie

15. The Brutal Deceiver – Dismember Me

Go Die One By One, 2013 (Useless Pride Records)

Laval, France


16. The Geeks – What We Believe

Get Outta Town Records, 2006

Séoul, Corée du Sud

17. The Geeks – As We Speak

Get Outta Town Records, 2006

Séoul, Corée du Sud


18. Ten Masked Men – I Get Around (The Beach Boys cover)

The PhanTen Masked Menace, 2003 (autoproduit)


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